Camaro stock Backup/Reverse Light LED upgrade

LoPerformance Motorsports posted the basis of this information in the forums.

While installing the Havoc rear diffuser, I had to remove the rear bumper. So, I did a reverse light swap and license plate bulb swap while in the process.  While this is not as sexy as swapping in the full (and $$$) aftermarket units, it offers a balance between “better than stock” and still allows stock replacements.

My effort was about the same as in the above article. However, I used two of these in the swap: for the reverse lights. Using this wider bulb, required trimming the inner lip of the reverse light housing for the LED to fit but, otherwise it was the same.

1: I straightened the wires to remove the white stand-off from the LED base by carefully “wiggling” it out and use the help of a flat blade screw driver for some direct leverage.

2: I removed the factory phillips round bulb from it’s base by carefully “wiggling it” out.


3: I used the dremmel to shave the lip of the round bulb base down to the height of the wire guides.

4: I used a 1/16″ drill to widen the electrode holes in the round bulb base.


5: I used the dremmel to remove the very inner inside lip from the reverse light cups, careful to leave the locking and mounting surfaces in place.

6: I clipped about 3mm off the electrodes on the LED base. (not required if you don’t want the socket to fully lock into place. :/ )

7: I placed a half dab of silicone adhesive on each side of the original bulb base, careful to keep it clear of the electrode holes, then inserted the LED bulb. (I tested the bulb and it was not polarized like some LEDs, so it would not matter + or – orientation.

8: Inserted the new bulb combo into the factory harness, assuring the LED stays inserted fully.


9: Attached back into reverse light cups.

License plate LEDs were easier, I purchased two of these:

This can be done with the bumper on the car. You just push the black lens release clip in, fold down and remove the lens.  Remove old bulb. Insert new bulb. Replace lens opposite of removal. Wala.


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