Home Depot Husky portable air compressor repair.

Had it for less than a year and it broke. I drag it with me or use it when I don’t want to run air lines across the house (e.g. in attic when I was adding solar barrier.)

In a poor design, the tank is located in a vibration prone point to the pump, which causes flexing to the aluminum pump line. Eventually this fatigues and snaps.

10mm is close to 3/8’s. So I used acid core solder to braze a 3/8″ pex barb to the 10mm compression ring. Then I cut back the aluminum pipe and added a flair to the end.

Now connected by 3/8″ compressor air line, it will allow flex in operation without fatigue failure. The photos don’t have the hose clamps installed yet but you can see the adjustment.


A small change that would not have cost much more in manufacturing but would allow the unit to last far longer.


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